I am EVE…

I’m your ordering desk
With a friendly approach, accessible on the Web, I make order taking possible
I design your product
I take measurements, calculate and evaluate all the possibilities
I calculate the cost of your product
I offer real-time price and cost evaluation of the product that is built
I determine the machining specifications
Ready for the plant, I engineer everything (BOM, operation, routing, CAD drawings)


Free your enterprise from…

…large number of employees needed to process orders
…lengthy, in-depth training necessary for order taking personnel
…your company’s dependence on a few experts employees
…long pre-production lead time
…frequent errors in orders under production
…addition of new product lines which are large and costly
…huge product catalogs that don’t contain everything your company offers
…online order taking that’s so complex and difficult, it’s virtually impossible
In details…

I am Eve…

• Order taking by the dealer
• Possible import from design software
• Generate your products with 3D representation
• Integrate your pricing method
• Calculate your Cost +
• Generates BOMs
• Generates routing instructions
• Generates the machining
• Export DXF to your nesting software


From order taking to machining, EVE offers several advantages that will have a positive impact on the management of your communications, your sales, your operations and ultimately your ROI.

Automatically processes the customization of the vast majority of products and options

• Artificial Intelligence: Eve virtually engineers the products in real time
• Generates the complete product from scratch, rather than based on pre-set “models”
• The technology guides the user to choices that are technically sound to avoid potential human errors

Allows online sales

• Web based
• Works on the user’s workstation
• Quickly simulates different product configurations with the generation of 3D representations
• Supports a wide array of products and options

Decreases the resources required for order processing

• Simplified/automated order entry
• Seamless exchange of information with the plant

Accelerates the production timeline

• Fully integrated customer communication process
• Automatic generation of sketches, plant drawings and machine specifications
• Supports seamless communication between the customer and the manufacturer

Increases sales

• Enhances the customer experience
• Assists the customer in navigating a wide array of products and options
• Calculates price adjustments for reconfigurations in real time

Enhances customer loyalty

• Improves the customer’s experience by allowing for the highly personalized manipulation of the product
• Simplified order entry is easy for the client
• 3D representation of the desired product increases customer confidence

Increases quality

• Highly accurate engineering
• Automatic validation of product feasibility
• Integration between the client and the manufacturer ensures information needed by the plant is generated and accurate

Reduces resources spent on training and dependency on skilled employees

• Integrates experts’ knowledge
• Intelligent processes provide validation of feasibility and identify combinations that cannot be manufactured
• Provides assistance through the ordering processes

Accelerates the marketing of new products

• Integration of new products and/or options is quick and seamless


R&D years


Production capacity