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We invent and develop intelligent IT solutions for the design and the manufacturing of mass custom-made products


Company dependencies on a few experts employees

Complex and difficult online order-taking ending up being virtually impossible

Large number of employees engaged in order processing

Lengthy, in-depth training required for order-taking employees

Long pre-production
lead time

Frequent errors in orders under production

Addition of new product lines which are complex and costly

Huge product catalogs that are not exhaustive


Accelerate business growth

Increase direct sales by customers/dealers
Allow custom-made orders
Facilitate biding capability

How we do it
  • By allowing online sales

    Our solutions are “Web-based”

    Order taking is available 24/7

    The customer/dealer has real-time access to:

    1. The entire products catalog
    2. The price calculation of each product ordered
    3. The order evolution through the whole process
  • By automatically processing the customization of the vast majority of your products and options

    We have developed a virtual engineer that simulates human thinking rather than trying to predict all cases in advance

    Our virtual engineer allows in real time:

    1. A “perfect” 3D representation of the ordered product
    2. The selling of more complicated options
    3. A validation of the feasibility of what is ordered
    4. A calculation of the price of the products ordered, regardless of the options chosen
  • By increasing sales

    Our solutions facilitate:

    1. The consolidation of your existing customer base
    2. The solicitation of new customers through geographic expansion
    3. The prospecting for new market segments made possible by the easy integration of new products/options
  • By enhancing customer loyalty

    Our solutions improve the customer experience:

    1. Through up to date and ergonomic graphical interfaces
    2. By a logical and simple order entry process
    3. By an intelligent integration of easy-to-use and efficient 3D modeling tools
  • By accelerating the marketing of new products

    Once your know-how is integrated, the addition of new products/options can be done more quickly and easily

    The integration of new features can be done automatically without the need to update all your recipes


Improve productivity

Accelerate the production timeline
Reduce manufacturing mistakes

How we do it
  • By reducing back-and-forth between sales and production departments

    Our solutions allow the diminution of human interventions by:

    1. Undertaking the ordering department
    2. Undertaking the CAD department
    3. Establishing a direct connection with the factory
  • By reducing the time delay before going into production

    The link with the factory is ensured in real time:

    1. By the research and the validation of raw materials
    2. By the automatic generation of factory sketches and drawings
    3. By automatically generating the cutting and machining of all components
  • By increasing quality

    The know-how of our virtual engineer allows the reduction of errors:

    1. By a 3D representation of the product as it is manufactured (the engineering is perfect)
    2. By validating the feasibility of what is ordered
    3. By the automatic generation of the information necessary for the factory (BOM, routing instruction, CAD drawing)

Get the most of your HR

Maximize your HR potential
Unload your expert employees

How we do it
  • By reducing the number of resources allocated to order processing and CAD modeling

    The order processing is undertaken by the customer/dealer

    Engineering and pricing of a product ordered by a customer/dealer are automatically generated

    A product automatic engineering and pricing generation makes possible the reduction of:

    1. The use of CAD specialists for the modeling of each orders
    2. The use of PRICE specialists for the cost estimation of each order
  • By reducing your dependence on your expert employees

    By integrating the knowledge and know-how of your expert employees:

    1. We free them from several tasks that can sometimes be complex, often repetitive
    2. We allow you to leverage their experience where it really matters
    3. We facilitate their succession by reducing training time
    4. We secure the future of your business

For an integrated intelligence of your products with EVE

Layout system

The EVE “Layout” module allows:

  1. The parameterization of a room with its architectural elements
    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Columns …
  2. The importation of architectural plans, to which different products can be added
  3. A complete integration of your products with their specificities
    • Complete engineering
    • Price
    • BOM

Order-taking system

The “Order-taking” module allows:

  1. The customer/dealer to take control of his own order
  2. A validation of the ordered product supported by a perfect 3D representation
  3. A real-time calculation of the cost/price of each ordered product
  4. An effective integration of options within custom-made products


Engineering system

The Engineering module allows:

  1. A complete construction of the engineering of each ordered product
  2. A real time generation of the BOM
  3. An issuing of routing instructions
  4. A calculation of DXF data to be sent to factory machinery

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