Artificial intelligence at the service of the manufacturer

The manufacturer’s future is complicated.

You must precisely manage your subcontractors, distributors and agents in addition to all your processes (and not only your production).

The customer is king, he demands a completely tailor-made, quality product, delivered immediately.

Finally, the Web is the new standard, therefore B2B2C starts imposing itself: you have to push your brand and promote it where the end buyer is: on the Web.


Our solutions are built on the concepts of expert system and fuzzy logic, branches of artificial intelligence used for our Eve technology


Your business is unique, we know that and develop solutions tailored to suit your needs and existing tools


We manage volume, just-in-time and accessibility. Our technology is web direct (without any plug-in)


Your needs are complex so than we will innovate for you

Integrity – Achievement – Loyalty

Intelligent IT solutions serving the manufacturing sector

We invent and develop intelligent IT solutions for the design and the manufacturing of your products

Our customers – Partners

Integrity – Achievement – Loyalty

Our flagship product: EVE

I’m Eve…

I am made for “mass customization”.
• I am your order desk
• I design your products
• I determine the price and cost of your products
• I do the machining

Dunin – Our Team – Our Community of Experts

Our Team

The Dunin Technologie team believes in your right to think, to innovate, and to decide so that ultimately you can … lead.

To make it so, we invent and develop intelligent and adaptable IT solutions that ease your management.

Our 30 years of experience are a guarantee of rigor, thoroughness, and stability.

Awards and Recognition

Technology Development Award


Innovative Enterprise




Outstanding Employer

2013 – 2015

Certificate Creativity Innovation



2018 – 2022

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Protection of personal data

In accordance with Law 25, Dunin technologie is committed to protecting the personal data of its customers/partners and employees.
To this end, Amira Fezai, Project Manager, is in charge of protection of personal data.

Ms. Fezai can easily be reached at the following email address: afezai@dunin.com